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It's good :)

For 2 days, the animation is really good :D The quality, though, dropped as the movie went by. But, it's still really good. It would take me twice the time it took you made this :) Keep it up :D

Sandling responds:

Haha yeah... I get lazy... Hopefully that will go away...


Wow is all I can really say, besides that I can see that It really has no point whatsoever, but I like things that have no point :D It's pretty good for just getting off of using sprites. This movie shows that boredom can do many things :D

Sandling responds:

Thanks I actually didn't put much effort in to it shh...

It's good :D

It's a good movie with great animation and everything, but I agree with lifeisgoodman, the ending kinda creeped me out when I first saw this. That didn't ruin the movie, though :D Keep up the great stuff, HappyHarry! :D

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Review for "Color My World"

Well, I favorited this, so it obviously means that I like it, no? Here's the good and the bad:

The Good:
I like the color palette of this game and the style of it, it's very eye-catching. It is very detailed, it show that you've put tons of effort into it. The animations of everything were very smooth-running; it accompanies this flash. The music also goes with the flow of the art style of the game. The story has been done before (the idea of crossing trecherous roads and paths to find your true love), but it works here. The length is also nice; It keeps you from getting bored.

The Bad:
Sometimes, even with the nice art and animations, this game hurt my eyes a little from when I was trying to jump up onto a platform in an upper part of the city, and the backgrounds kept switching from underground to the above sea level backgrounds. That's about all I have to complain about this game, and the only thing stopping this game from getting a 10 from me.

Overall: This is something special, let me tell you. Not many games like this are on Newgrounds. The only thing holding this back from perfection is because of that one pesky background issue. Other than that, I think it comes up almost to perfection.

Yes yes, it's good...

But wayy overrated, as many NG'ers have already said.

The bad:
It's controls can really suck, I found that I cannot control it at times. It often goes to the edge of the screen, and when it does, the screen shakes, and the the screen show black. It also gets very repetitive, I played through it once, and it just got boring after that.

The good:
The graphics are good and very smooth running. The first time I played through it, it was a blast. It's good for a short mini-game type thing, and good for wasting time. The choice of music is pretty great, I didn't have to turn my speakers off for anything.

Overall, Miami Shark is a good game, but with a few problems. Fix them, and you'll have yourself an almost perfect game. 4/5, 8/10 from me.

To tell the truth...

It's not that great. It needs a LOT more customization choices than a couple of hats, eyes and mouths. It also needs music. I don't understand how this got a score of 2.80, and I don't understand all of the tens that people have been giving it. I admit that it's okay, but not great. Keep practicing, and improve upon your drawing skills. I give this a 2/5, and a 5/10. Keep trying!

danicos responds:

10 10's and two 0's! Not even I know how I do it :D

But I originally created this to shut some people up! I honestly am giving up hope on flash! I always have bad luck. The first time I was trying to fnish my flash, my PC crashed. I was regaining hope! But after one is put on hold because of a laptop malfunction.
Another one got cancelled! and one is on hold. Zookeyman2 is not gonna pt me on his production list, unless I prove I make more flash(which I cant). So I am currently working with MisterSins, I gave up on art so I just write scripts and brainstorm.

I am at a recreation park center on a PC after Windows itself on my PC crashed!

So I really dont really get a lot of luck! But I appreciate your opinion. Thanks for reviewing

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It's a very good remix of the original song, but where's that huge increase in upbeat-ness that I was looking for at 0.22 seconds? Other than that, you pretty much captured most of the main beats of the song, and it sounds very proffesional. Keep going, you've got something good going for you in your future if you keep walking down this path.

Box-Killa responds:

Oh thanks man :D I like it when people say professional lol

Ah, man!

I absolutely LOVE the beginning! When I first listened to this song, I heard the beginning, and I thought to myself "Wow! This songs amazing!" But when the techno-ish drums kicked in, I changed my thoughts to "Yeah, this songs pretty good." The drums started to hurt my ears a little. I'm not completely sure if it's the sound that the drums make, or if it's their loudness, but I personally don't like them. I'd say, to make this song better (in my opinion), take the drums out, and replace them with some more of those smooth sounds that the rest of the song produces. That's the reason for the 8. I'll still be giving this song another listen (or five), because the replay value is very high :D

inspirational? yes :D

For some reason, this gave me ideas for my next movie :) Maybe it's because of the good, calm feeling that this song produces inside me every time I listen to it :) I favorited this, and I am giving you a 10/10 and a 5/5. Keep up the good work :D

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I like it. It's one of your better works. Now, just work on the lines, draw a background, and this'll go in my favorites. You're slowly improving, keep at it.


I love the smooth texture of the body of the apple and how well it blends in with the faded background, but I think it would be an even more delicious apple if the leaf was blended in with the body of the apple and the background. Or you could've made the outline of the apple the same thickness and darkness of the leaf. I think the stem looks good the way it is. Nice job, though. Gotta love those green apples. Faved.


Well, what can I say- it's very realistic. This would work well for a background in a flash, and it would look nice as a desktop image. As Randy said, the blurring and lighting that you used on the background looks great, and adds the the picture. The only thing that I would change is the stars; they look too blotty. But, that's just my opinion, you don't have to listen to me :3

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